The Topic of Objectivity and the Modern Day Journalist

“We’re journalists, and so it’s our job to be impartial and provide a fair and thorough assessment of what’s happening on the ground from the perspective of what we’re able to see.” — Clarissa Ward Objectivity is an inescapable topic in the ever changing world of journalism. While many argue it is essential for a … More The Topic of Objectivity and the Modern Day Journalist

Personal Ethics Guidelines — Updated

“The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom.” — Aristotle After analyzing the varying ethical guidelines for journalism prescribed by news organizations, I’ve decided to structure my own ethical guidelines on Aristotle’s Golden Mean Doctrine. The philosophy behind the Golden Mean Doctrine relies on avoiding extremes by finding a middle ground. The Liberty Fund … More Personal Ethics Guidelines — Updated

UPDATE: Operation Correct the Error, Pt. 3

I struggled to target any errors to report for Operation Correct the Error, but this week — I found one. An article by Ben Hubbard in the New York Times entitled “ISIS Beheads Syrian Antiquities Scholar in Palmyra” addresses the late Khalid al-Asaad as Mr. Asaad throughout the piece. While there has been confusion over the … More UPDATE: Operation Correct the Error, Pt. 3

Objectivity, impartiality and social media

This week, I found a short post on “Is it ethical for journalists to friend sources on Facebook or LinkedIn?” Some say yes, some say no. This dives into my final paper topic. Most ethical guidelines presented by news organizations have some snippet on impartiality or objectivity. They are the same, but different. Objectivity means you are … More Objectivity, impartiality and social media