Operation Correct That Error

My first instinct with this project was to consult Google so I searched “news corrections” which came up with a lot of results about correctional officers. Not exactly what I was looking for. Despite this, I did come upon the corrections pages for the New York Times and CNBC. A better search for “corrections and clarifications in the news” yielded more corrections pages for publications like The Guardian and USA Today. Even the TODAY Show has a corrections page.

It was a start. Now, I knew who made the most mistakes! Right away, you can tell that a bigger, more popular publication is more likely to get things wrong and want to correct them on the spot. It makes sense. Most of these giant publications are casting a wider net, and are under the magnifying glass of thousands of readers.

Now to find an actual mistake. So, I started searching through articles involving New Horizon and the Pluto flyby. It was a topic I was deeply interested in and thought “where better to screw up than with some kind of statistical or numerical error?” I figured someone would have to get something wrong. I compared and contrasted information from NASA to articles in the New York Times, CNN, Vox, Popular Mechanics, GlobalPost and TIME — and found absolutely nothing. If there were any mistakes to be seen, they’ve been corrected by now. I was hoping for a slight error, either in the numbers or the facts. The one thing I caught had already been changed. You can see below in this article from the New York Times. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just a misspelling. I struggled to find any errors, but I did find a rather interesting article on “How Long Would It Take To Drive To Pluto.” The search continues.


One thought on “Operation Correct That Error

  1. I’ve also encountered the problem of too many stories about corrections officers when researching this topic, Kareya. Thanks for the better search terms. Keep pursuing your search!


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